Friday, September 18, 2009

New Religion

Thinking about this, I realized that I am not belonging to any religion. My beliefs do not match any existing one, even though there are thousands of them in the world. Therefore, I have decided to create a new one - my own one... one that matches exactly what I believe in. If you believe in the same thing, become a member of my new religion by commenting underneath this post.

Here are the beliefs of my religion. I just made 10 of them for a purpose, to make it similar to the 10 commandments, but they have nothing to do with commandments. So here they are:
  1. There is no proof whether a God exists or not or that there are multiple gods. Therefore, we can't say whether there is a God or there isn't or there are multiple gods. We can just wonder but believing that there is one or there isn't ends up with too many traps and problems.
  2. Praying does not help other than it can give you more strength and motivation to accomplish some goal (praying for a good weather tomorrow for sure won't help).
  3. Churches are human made institutions with human made rules and there is way less spirituality in them than we think - we do not need to follow any of these rules. Same about institutions from other religions.
  4. Praying, going to churches, temples, etc. does not make you a better person unless you have learned something new about how to be a better person and you are going to put it in action, which happens less than 1% of the time and you can learn to be a be a better person same way by doing other things, like watching a movie for example.
  5. Bible, Qur'an and other "divine" books are good to read and to learn some things from them, but not everything they say is true and not everything they say you should do.
  6. Believing that you are empowered by God helps you in being a strong and motivated person. Believing that you are empowered by a kettle or a towel helps you the same way.
  7. Praying, meditation and fasting is good for your mind. Also reading, solving cross word puzzles, learning new skills and a relaxing vacation is good for mind the same way.
  8. Being spiritual does not necessarily mean being a good person.
  9. Being able to distinguish real good from bad is one of the most difficult things in life.
  10. Being a real good person is the most important thing in life. Being a spiritual person is as important as taking shower every day and brushing your teeth after every meal.
These are my beliefs. If you are unclear about what a "belief" is, please look it up in a dictionary. But in short, I will explain: a belief is something that you were persuaded into by anything: by other people, by environment, by situations, by your own thoughts etc. You might have a strong belief or you could just "think" that something is certain way. But most importantly, belief is usually something not proven. If something is proven, it's a fact and there is no reason for a "belief" here. Everyone should "know" that fact, not "believe" in it.

So if you "believe" that one my commandments is wrong, feel free to comment. But unless I am against some "fact", please do not show any negativity in your posts (e.g. tell that I am a liar, because you "believe" in something else). A "fact" is something proven and publicly acknowledged. As soon as there is an evidence against it, it is not a "fact" anymore. So for example, some people might say that there is a God and it is a fact. However, there is no proof that there is a God. Some people say that world was created in 7 days and the proof is the bible that says it. However, there is an evidence against it - millions years old dinosaur fossils. Somebody might say that he has a proof that there is a God, but he has the proof in his room. Well, it is not publicly acknowledged, so it is not a fact yet. For now, it is just your theory.

Ok, so I welcome all new members of my religion. Please put comments and all the gods in this world (or none of them) bless you.